Welcome to our website. We are Ant & Mira, a couple of young people who decided that we wanted to work online.

Discover how average people like us are leveraging the internet to start an online business in our spare time.

We would love to share how we did it and coach you on how to start your very own online business. You will have access to all the tools we used, our massive community and a system which does a lot of the technical things for you.

Be part of our movement and join the journey to getting out of the 9 to 5 and living life on your own terms. Be Vitality!


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Here are some of the things we provide to create your freedom

Business Coaching

Learn and use the techniques that our team use to drive traffic, make sales, and get real results.

Internet Marketing

Learn how to run effective ad campaigns to drive traffic, and create a sales funnel to sell any product or service.

Courses / Articles

Get access to video training courses, and articles directly from our elite members guiding you step by step.

Community / Groups

Join the Vitality Group and the GAZ Community and get support and advice from thousands of people who have reached success with our program.

Meet Anthony

Hey, Anthony here and I’m a web designer based in the West Midlands. I’ve been working in the IT Industry for around 16 years. The last 7 years I have been freelance where I have gone into the world as my own boss which has taught me many things and allowed me to generate a reasonable salary.

I have a small family and love spending time with them all, whether we are walking a National Trust place, swimming in the local pool or lounging in front of the TV watching a Disney film and eating popcorn.

I want to be able to achieve more in life and set higher goals, life has been the same routine for many years and I want to spend more time and explore more places with my partner and family, basically living life more instead of sitting in front of the laptop or PC designing/programming a website for someone else.

What would you like to do more with your time?

The world is changing and its time to move with the way things work. The Internet is constantly evolving and we have harnessed an opportunity and want to share with you, so you can to do whatever you want with your time. We can establish your position in our team to help secure the future we both want.

Does any of the things to the right or below sound good to you?

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Work less and focus on you0%
Work from home or anywhere in the world0%
Explore a different you0%

Meet Mira

Hey Guys, Mira here I’m a stay at home mom with a part-time job at the local school, I used to work full-time the past few years but found it really hard being away from my daughter and the money I earned seemed to just go on the child care, so it made sense to give up my job. I am now focusing on making money from home.

Originally from Transylvania, I met Anthony 10 years ago while I was working and studying in the UK. We both started our family 5 years ago and has been the best journey ever and looking forward to the immediate future…

I have a creative background with drawings and love to travel and explore different cultures, we have recently been to the USA and Canada which fascinates me.

I want to be able to achieve more in life and provide a better future for my family both in the UK and Transylvania.

Working with

You will find what you need in one of our fully equipped demos. Easy to import and highly customizable, they make your life easier.